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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLVIII

* Dalai Lama with SEE (Social / Emotional / Ethical) Learning Program
Andaz Hotel, New Delhi, India

* Dalai Lama with Singapore's Club 1880

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLVII

Consciousness as Domain of and Throughout the Universe Itself Inherently Separate from Brain and Biology**

(In Support of HH Dalai Lama's Citing the Same via Ancient Indian Psychology/Quantum Physics Dating Back Thousands of Years, and Chinese Ancient Wisdoms of I Ching, Tao Te Ching, etc.)

Everybody and everything, every event/happening is *interconnected,* SHARING the exact same physics/*energies* flowing Nonlinearly throughout, all simultaneously (simultaneity being *relative*).

That simultaneous *interactive energy* IS ...consciousness/Consciousness... inherent in the Universe itself. Hence, quantum entanglement.

The more Conscious/Awakened you are, the more you can directly experience and recognize this for yourself. It's a very specific, consistent, undaunted dynamic, and hence gravity itself!

Humans are darned determined to make everything about themselves, everything else just backdrop scenery for them to exploit and explore, and they couldn't care less what the real Truth is, as long as they can convince themselves they are personally in control. Any suggestion that they aren't is met with disdain, even war, whatever it takes to maintain the illusion. The complexity of higher Consciousness inadvertently provides them a security blanket to hide behind, and the mistaken notions of "opinion" and ultimate subjectivity are taken as permission to dismiss any other way of processing.

This blog is not intended to take away from the every day world its personal meaningfulnesses or to "pull the rug out from under" anyone. It is intended to awaken scientists and important-to-survival social authorities supposedly in place to protect millions of people's lives from totally unnecessary devastations that reveal their approach in the higher NonLinear Translucent Physics, in the process assisting and guiding those unconscious, unrealizing modern scientists over the relative timeXspace threshold into being more highly evolved.

All throughout human history, *realizers* such as myself have been punished, persecuted, imprisoned and worse for trying to wake people up. The Dalai Lama himself lost his whole country. (Read "The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones" for Buddhist frustration in being laughed at and dismissed going back a long way). The Bible was conveniently edited during the Constantine era to ban the likes of the highly realizing Nag Hammadi Library. Artists, likewise recognizing Universal Answers in their attention to details, layers and intensities, have been forced to quietly hide their realizations in their works, otherwise prohibited from expression. I myself have lost essentially every friend I've ever had, some who never even met each other citing the exact same "You are soooo exhausting to be around!" years apart. Ouch!

But there's a lot of reality to that, because the more Awakened one is, the more one has transcended the misguided notions of time and space, language and energy, etc. as processed and perceived by collective unconscious convention. Even the most basic notions of projection and reflection are misunderstood by convention and fodder for war.

Consciousness evolves you into higher and higher very real dimensions of far more highly evolved processing that less realized folks struggle to even basically grasp, similar to how your autonomic nervous system allows you to do things you don't actually have to think about, versus surface functioning where you do. Even in same level processing of everyday folks, conventional expectation, if not immediately met, will cause folks to feel invalidated if someone hesitates and doesn't so readily respond or agree with them. So imagine the distance in time and space between one who is of conventional mind versus one who is highly aware. The "Genius Junior" game show on TV boggled millions of folks' minds as to just how those children were able to realize complex answers that seemed to defy timeXspace, and perform the most extraordinary mind-boggling tasks, but they were simply processing Nonlinearly as I (and *highly realizing* Tibetan Buddhist monks) do, something collective unconscious convention was born inherently capable of, but became distracted from long ago, decades ago in their personal lives, centuries, thousands of years ago overall.

Trying to reach and redirect collective unconscious-minded scientists founding themselves in convention is quite a task.

Relativity, for instance, is not something that can be conveniently kept hidden from everyday conventional life in Einstein texts, because it permeates every aspect of life itself. Things are not locked in place, but rather in *constant* Nonlinear motion, manifestating in every *Now* the ever-changing mean statistical average state of the art of the heart perceptions of all in Existence.

Yet scientists themselves, no matter how much they may agree with Einstein about relativity, don't actually live that truth of relative timeXspace in their everyday lives, relegating/segregating it to those Einstein texts. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so lost, so heavily invested in their (cerebral neglect) linear approach to their expensive, life-devoted "it'll take centuries to figure it out" works, and they would have the Answers they seek in the *Now.*

Quantum physicists are totally baffled by how atoms/quasars simultaneously interact, stressed because there's no time or space for them to linearly measure within that simultaneity.

Seismologists persist in believing that "no one can predict earthquakes" because, lost in their linear unconscious conventional "logic," an enormity of information and *access* genuinely available to them in the *Now* is going completely overlooked. In Italy, scientists were on trial a few years ago for shutting up another scientist who was accurately and desperately warning of an imminent earthquake that manifested as warned and killed hundreds of people. Their "no one can predict earthquakes/the future" got them off and sent science plummeting deeper into collective unconsciousness, endangering millions of lives around the world.

Authorities in place to protect entire cities full of millions of people have unconsciously, passively, unwittingly allowed thousands of people to die in events that could have been avoided, stating "We don't employ that technology" (What technology, the Truth? They don't employ the Truth?!), and "I'm not interested in no numerology!," (actual quotes, and...neither am I! This has nothing whatsoever to do with "numerology!"). At that point I was so angry that I screamed at the top of my promised mountain, "You have no business working for an intelligence agency if you don't have the intelligence to *know* what Consciousness is!" The police across the street then bullied me out of their station minutes later. What I was trying to warn about manifested "48 hours/two days" later, and thousands of people have died related to that situation since.

You wanna talk about reality? THAT'S reality! And so is Nonlinear Translucence.

There is NO EXCUSE for scientists and other authorities in world society to present themselves so irresponsibly!

In the 1980s I did a thesis at my university on the deeper/higher layers of reality buried within language and how mental illnesses, including those of the homeless, could be abated with higher Consciousness/*access* to *realizers* in their lives to teach/redirect them. Though rare (with psychiatrists/neurobiologists still unevolved enough to separate Consciousness from biology, a primary topic of discussion in Dalai Lama dialogues with world scientists nowadays), noted, more highly evolved UK and other psychiatrists at the time were in agreement with me and had published books and other works to show how many mental patients/illnesses/the homeless need only a classroom to learn higher Consciousness, not mental institutions, because they had evolved themselves enough to begin transcending collective unconscious convention but had no way to know what or how to go any further from there, making their lives miserable. Much of confused folks' seemingly distorted language was actually "right on" in terms of increasing awareness levels but had no application recognizable to surface reality. The higher physics were rushing in, in other words, before they were in any position to handle them, causing some folks neurons to look like a train wreck.

Likewise, as shown on the PBS/NOVA documentary "Einstein's Quantum Riddle," recently discussed here, "flower child" era (1960s, 1970s) younger physicists were recognizing the super(im)position of quantum mechanics and higher/superConsciousness (citing the book, "The Tao of Physics"), but were laughed at, dismissed, by collectively unconscious physicists even on the current NOVA documentary itself (that at least went on to say those young physicists were way ahead of their time).

But even the Dalai Lama persists in his relentless attempts to Awaken modern scientists/quantum physicists to the reality that ancient Indian psychology/science dating back 3000 years *realized*/*recognized* extremely advanced levels of that super(im)position, including that consciousness is separate from the brain and biology, that Consciousness is inherent in the Universe itself, as I have been teaching here in my blogs for years.

The 3000 year old I Ching/Book of Changes is founded upon NonLinearity, as is the 2000+ year old Tao Te Ching/The Way Things Work, 3000 year old Bhagavad Gita, the ancient Vedas/Wisdoms, and even the Nag Hammadi Library of 300 AD, dating back to 60 AD and before.

** Neither exclusively originating from, nor confined to...

More to come, already handwritten, when I make the time to write it all on here.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLVI

The Next Step...(and The Universal Answer) for Quantum Physicists

Dimensions, Time & Space, Quantum Entanglement, Physicality/Materialism, Big Bang: Where Science has Gone Wrong, and How to Redirect It

Albert Einstein was all about common sense ("God does not play dice with the Universe"), so he wasn't a happy camper when quantum scientists seemed content enough to accept "spooky actions" blindly (simultaneous interaction with no time or space to measure that interaction) instead of continuing to work toward a common sense resolution.

My ...Common Sense...  Backstory/Credibility and Intent 
My motivation in writing this blog and my sometimes stressed out "umpf!" here is coming from my lifelong recognition of not only the Universe's NonLinearity, but from my relentless experiences with it all my life, since early childhood, including my relentless detailed *realizations* of the most horrific events congealing their way to the evening/*even*-ing news that will tragically destroy the lives of millions of people. Billions over generations. For all the shock and horror the world would see when they happened, I had already long previously seen them repeatedly, over days, weeks, months, years, 100% from these very NonLinear Universal Truths/Dynamics I am teaching you here, 100% all from basic common sense, from a perspective of superConsciousness.

Oftentimes I will know more than one, and sometimes several all at once, able to keep their physics organized simply by the Universe's own very basic math (frequencyXintensity) built into it all. On December 28, 1999 I not only knew about Florida but that someone was going to break into the mansion of George Harrison and stab him, with the previously discussed severe agitation of "48 hours/2 days" before manifestation math so prominent. After discussing the Florida situation with another *realizer*, I went home and within that time frame, though half a world away, there it was, the shocking news out of the UK. It wasn't shocking to me, but it certainly was devastating (he was my favorite Beatle, the very sensitive "one in the middle"), but even more devastating is recognizing every detail of 9/11, OKC, the 2004 tsunami that would kill nearly a quarter million people. Countless others since childhood, but it is all worthless information. How could that be? Devastated by the Oklahoma event in 1995, I was so distraught and promised all those precious infants that I would "climb the highest mountain and scream at the top of my lungs" to be heard "next time." I failed them miserably. I climbed those mountains. I screamed at the top of my lungs to be heard, again and again and again. Collective unconscious convention dismissed me every time.

The mathematics in them is NonLinear, consistent and deadly accurate. But what good is it if I am the only one who knows how to process it?!

Years ago I reported that they are getting worse, causing me to worry: What on earth could be worse than a quarter of a million people losing their lives in a single event? I've said all my life that I've always worried that a meteor could be hurling toward earth and I would be the only one who long previously knew about it.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricane paths (before they've even begun), accidents, incidents, murders, kidnappings, space shuttles disasters, relentless's all there, a totally open book in NonLinear Translucence/Empathy for anyone to notice. But scientists and other authorities in place to protect entire cities full of people look away, and send me away. Truth is too inconvenient. Too much work. They can't process it, and won't even try.

I consulted Tibetan Buddhist monks at one point and they advised me to teach people...HOW...I *know* all these things (and also "not to intervene" because they are lessons for society to learn), and I have been doing just that, but despite being officially documented in real time with them and incredibly detailed and dissected, I am basically invisible, dismissed. There's only so much I can do. So, what's it gonna take? Apparently, linear *centuries.* But that's one heckuva lot of people being knocked over when those dominoes congeal their way. One heckuva lot of collective unconscious conventional projection.

Watching the Dialogues between scientists from around the world and the Dalai Lama, NOVA and other science documentaries, I constantly *hear through* the physics they are presenting and recognize what they are missing and not realizing, and where they are going wrong. The information is important for them to have, toward advancing science and conventional authorities so they eventually learn to process NonLinear Translucence fluently themselves, saving countless people's lives. But the more I try to take folks into the complexity of it all to help them Awaken to the simplicity on the other side of their *doing the work,* the more they just rush to conventional logic and assume there's something seriously wrong with me.

When I was a child, I just knew everything had common sense Answers, and I was never content to settle for the mistaken "logic" of convention. I was fascinated by the tiny particles floating in the lamp light. I distinctly remember when I joyfully *realized* while observing those floating particles that everything, everywhere, ourselves included, was made up of tiny particles like that, and that everything was really happening at the tiny particle level. Not bad for a toddler! Translucence! My math brain loved it like an imaginary friend. I was born super-sensitive to the *energies* and *even* as a small child the stuff I could *know* was incredible. Scared the heck out of me at times, and others around me, but fascinated me even more. I wasn't afraid of the physics themselves. Those were fun. I just could do without recognizing what was congealing toward manifestation. Of course, it was simply my NonLinear Awareness in action, and those just come with the territory.

When I was around 8 years old, a TV show that came eerily close to acknowledging what I was recognizing (albeit with a Twilight Zone-ish twist) brought my first realization that what I was aware of was at least *recognized* enough by others (plural, folks who made the I experienced that) as a known dynamic. That caused me to further explore everything at tinier and tinier levels than the "surface" package deal that pretty much everyone else was just so readily buying into, unquestioningly.

There was an "old soul" familiarity with everything at the "tiny" level of things that felt so true, such that everything else "on the surface" was boring and not the real reality.

Language, for instance, reduced to *energies* that people made up stories about, only to get so lost in their *stories* that they couldn't find their way back out of all that. As a child, I was constantly curious about who first made up a word, any word, and what was going on in their minds, in their lives, at that very moment, and how far off everyone using the word since was from its original intent, similar to how a teacher whispers something to the first student in a classroom, and every next student passes it along, where it so quickly loses its original intent over and over again throughout.

Everything, I realized as a child, had math not-so-hidden inside it, and I counted "everything" as a small child (and often still do, albeit complexities *Now* and so super fast it's simultaneous, so it's really just energy intensity recognition). No, I am not autistic. I was aware of their *shared energies* and was fascinated with how those *shared energies* allowed things seemingly so unrelated to relate to one another. That was one of my most joyous toys as a child! Patterns were important, and repetitious. I was still so young that driving a toy car all around my mother's aunt's chenille bedspread while counting its puffs and exploring its geometry I barely was taller than the imaginary mountainous landscape of its single layer of pillows.

It was almost like, "Whatever the world is doing, do the opposite!" Everything else was boring and habituated. There had to be far more, and I needed to know that "more." I have always been naturally drawn to writing in notebooks from back to front. It really spoke to me, trying to tell me something, and I was and still am passionate to figure it all out. Overall, I'm simply, naturally, NonLinear, and from a NonLinear perspective suddenly everything just makes beautiful common sense! And it's a lot easier, actually, than the linear chaos, because in NonLinear Truth, everything just so naturally falls into place/Order. When you stop, it stops too/two, but when you project, you unwittingly repel the Answers away from yourself!

It has always stressed me out watching serious science documentaries on TV, and dialogues with the Dalai Lama with scientists from around the world, that scientists are behaving and perceiving soooo linearly in their work and approach that they are totally oblivious/unaware that they are actually speaking the Universal Answers they seek as they talk, and not at all *hearing* themselves in the process. It is the weirdest experience from a place of superConsciousness, and I feel like a child wearing a giant question mark on my head like a fast food cardboard hat in curious wonderment at just HOW they are so blatantly actually answering their "it'll take centuries" enigmas and all the while completely unconscious to what they are saying. Totally boggles the mind!

Psychiatrists experience this all the time as their unconscious patients discuss their nuclear family members, light-years away from *hearing* their own truths. But taken to higher, far more highly evolved levels of reality, all language reduces to *Core Energies,* which convert to intensities, patterns, mathematics, concepts, sounds/utterances, stories, traditions, cultures, religions, spiritualities... on their way back out to the "surface." I have always had the ability to dissolve language back to the *Core* to see what is going on there, and then bring it back out to the "surface" into language to express what was going on. I guess I've just never so rigidly gotten lost in what convention does with everything and have always been far more fascinated with multidimensionalities.

Conventionally-minded folks are curiously tone-deaf to their own words, and that, as a dynamic, intrigues me. What fascinates me others are so often afraid of, but mostly it's just that there is very little in conventional logic to help folks awaken themselves to their own multidimensional, NonLinear reality. People are afraid to "go there" because there is no support in convention for folks to more highly evolve, and pretty much everything to frighten them away from higher exploration, like sanctions threatening their mental health. And folks become so heavily invested in their *stories* they tell themselves and their defense mechanisms protecting their safe places that attempts to redirect them, to wake them up from all that, are met with anger, rejection, suspiciousness, and further distancing of themselves from higher truth. It is for this reason that folks are most likely to become more awakened the more they are guided toward telling themselves the higher truth via direct experience from *doing the work* of their Nuclear Relatives and Relationships.

*Doing the work* transcends conventionally-conceived time and space because how you are processing timeXspace determines what level of consciousness (LINK provided later) you are able to *access.* Relatives and Relationships *work* trains your mind to process increasing/higher and higher levels of Awareness/Awakening. Your timeXspace signature (address/current functioning place in the grand scheme of all things) drastically changes the more *work* you do.

The God Particle, black holes, wormholes, gravity, dark energy, dark matter, expanding universe, time, space, relativity, etc. all have very distinct signatures in the higher dynamics of Translucence. Humans, scientists included, are simply labeling aspects of themselves *within* as they search the cosmos for seemingly unreachable Answers "out there"/*without.*

The God Particle begins with The (one grain of sand/"original sin"...see what I mean?) Something, not The (Core) Nothing. Black holes are points of *balance* in the fabric of the Universe the same way every truth you acknowledge when confronted within propels you through wormholes reflecting without.

Gravity wise, the Universe knows precisely where/what/when/how/why everything goes where it goes and it never digresses from its own Dynamic, so everything only naturally supports and hence gravitates toward its ever-morphing *change.* If you could get millions of people to *do the work,* each and every one of them would inescapably dissolve/resolve to the exact same Universal Physics Truth.

Dark energy and dark matter are the neglected other side of time and space, aka the NonLinear Universe hinting that your linear, one-way clocks require your "turning around"/recognition and acknowledgment of that neglect, such that linear neglect only serves to propel the Answers further and further away from yourself as you go. Hence, in linear one-sided logic, "the universe is expanding." Aka, being repelled.

Time and space are nothing more than the differences between projectionXreflection, and the manifestations of those differences.

Everything is *realizable* in very basic common sense, but superConsciousness *realized* common sense is far more highly evolved, light-years, night-years away from what collective unconscious convention can process.

(Lots more to come. I have the following, handwritten as usual. Just need to make the time to get them on here.)

The Problem with Conventionally-Conceived Dimensions

Within X Without Quantum Entanglement (Continuity)

Writing, subject to editing...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLV

* Dalai Lama in Q&A Discussions w/People of Thailand in Dharamsala, India

Obviously, I'm a multi-tasker, writing several articles here at once.

This session is interesting, and HH Dalai Lama is very comfortable and down-to-earth at his home, doing these smaller-audience visits, so I really enjoy them.

* Dalai Lama in Dharamsala with Deepak Chopra

Casual conversation with a group of folks attending with Deepak Chopra.

* Dalai Lama w/Israeli and USA Students in Dharamsala, India

Addressing issues and student Q&As.

Dalai Lama begins by providing various examples of how everyone is born the same, and that the basic nature of human beings is compassion, backed by research studies (often seen in university psychology and sociology courses, as well), inherent in survival, such that anything less is learned.

In keeping with Nuclear relatives and relationships, the Dalai Lama uses the "Father Nature" super(im)position in his reference to his visitors' faith and compares theistic and non-theistic approaches.

A theistic approach for folks around the world is really helpful to millions, billions of people, as long as they aren't harming others in the name of that approach, and given that it'll truly take aeons for everyone on the planet to become *realized,* but for those in positions of privilege and authority, a non-theistic approach becomes essential in their responsibility to *elicit change* and protect entire cities full of people otherwise distracted from precautionary attentiveness.

However, that in no way suggests that quantum physicists and other scientists, social leaders, etc., should negate religion and spirituality, because the heuristics in them alone are extraordinary ("Falkors" - NES) in profoundly advancing them far beyond their wildest dreams, if they are paying close enough attention.

If you study religions all around the world, eventually you find yourself asking the *higher* question: "What is everybody really doing?"

That more highly evolving attentiveness is what guides/leads you to higher Universal Realization.

As you *work* on your Nuclear relatives and relationships, an enormity of unexpected *aha!*s and insights rush into your awareness like a massive jigsaw puzzle whose tiny pieces all hold clues and Answers, redirections and "bingo!" moments that no intriguing "game show" could ever compete with or capture attention away from. It is the most profoundly extraordinary experience you could ever hope to have, because it is all 100% real. The Universal Dynamic is highly *interactive* and alive. Defy it and you will quickly realize the consequences of that defiance! Billions of people are born and go through their entire lives having never figured out/*realized* their own/the Universe's/everything's inherent reality/nature.

So religion/theism is an important part of the journey, not the destination,** and scientists do themselves a disservice when/if they negate the experience because the most extraordinary clues/Answers are *forever Present* and waiting to be *recognized.*

Reincarnation, for instance, while connected to certain theologies, serves as a powerful heuristic that teaches/guides science to ask the harder, higher questions that otherwise could leave those scientists with "centuries" to go through to reach that timeXspace signature *access.*

Reincarnation forces folks to "turn around" to *reflect* upon themselves and higher reality they otherwise are too habituated to collective unconsciousness to explore, and confronts them in their rush to conventional linear "logic" to help them "stay awhile" to wonder...longer. Everything that is going on is in its current timeXspace signature (address) status, meaning that it is all like a code or key that only applies to that timeXspace situation, time and space being nothing more than projection and reflection relative to the Core Truth, and the manifestations of that situation. This is why when something profound happens, folks often say "it's like time stood still!"

Collective unconscious convention itself is a "timeXspace signature," or temporary (relative to its ability to *change*) address in the Grand Scheme of All Things, where it has unwittingly, inadvertently *suspended*/locked itself in its "wormhole"/'lookingglass" fall, unable to propel itself further until it rebalances its approach.

Black holes, for instance, in the grand scheme of things (at that level), would be points of *balance* in The Nothing trying to put itself back together again (like a jigsaw puzzle, with a rush recognition of an area of puzzle pieces going together), all the while simultaneously The Something is trying to project-to-protect itself from dissolution/resolution.

When you turn your timeXspace black hole hourglass on its side, you *realize* you have an illustration of your very own cerebral hemispheres and corpus callosum (*interconnectedness*).

So, as you can see, theistic and non-theistic approaches so beautifully and heuristically work together to suggest, compliment and support one another, whether you are a quantum physicist or just trying to get through your day with personal meaningfulness and social comfort. Again, I love the expression in the movie "Yentl": "Wisdom is the means. Living is the end!"

The Physics of Reincarnation
The more Conscious one is, the more *access* one has to a more expansive *Now* experience, visually somewhat like the difference in size between a tiny disc and a vinyl LP album. The more you become Awakened, the more you are able to directly see and experience a much broader appreciation for the Universal Dynamic in action, in the *Now,* in every *Now.* Your "parade view" increasingly expands NonLinearly the more Awakened you are.

Despite what collective unconscious convention does with it, we are all born with our NonLinear inherent truth intact, and it is only once all that mistaken linear distraction rushes in to overtake and redirect you that you lose your beautiful *accesses* to the real multidimensional *reality.*

While you are still/*still* NonLinearly Aware as a very young child, there's only so far your still intact broader Conscious *accesses* can go before you find yourself back in a previous existence! Think higher physics dynamics here, not conventional object-ification and value constructs from their place of unconsciousness (aka the *stories* they tell themselves). In other words, watch the physics, the dynamics, from an opening mind, not the mistakenly established invalidation of the collective unconscious and its many artificial walls and boundaries. If you are ever going to more highly evolve, you have to learn to let go of what convention has done with NonLinear Universal Truth, where it has mindfully practically gone extinct. When you run into something your mind tries to negate or question the "common sense" of, set aside conventional "logic" and learn to simply observe as you learn (*pure observation*), until you evolve enough to have all the supporting information you need toward having that "common sense" explanation. Convention has never had its "feet on the ground." The whole of convention is established delusion/illusion!

When a child of 3 (as I was, for instance) is still NonLinearly Aware (and thank goodness I never lost mine!), before becoming/being distracted away from it by those linear delusions/illusions, her or his Conscious *access* would be expansive (as with the disc sizes visual mentioned above), and at only 3 years old, there's only so far you can go before your have no choice but to *access* previous life, or pre-current life physics. (I have detailed the physics previously on this blog!)

<<<< ...-7...-6...-5...-4...-3...-2...-1...<...0...>+1...+2...+3...+4...+5...+6...+7... >>>>

In other words, NonLinear processing has to include lateral symmetry <<--0-->> (ultimately, spherical) and it is only after the mistaken linear *cerebral neglect* of convention sets in...


...that children no longer *remember* the True Reality. It's still there, but by then hidden/lost in layers upon layers of basic consciousness levels, the very same layers upon layers of consciousness levels/multiple dimensions you need to learn to weed yourself back through, via your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships *work,* to become re-Awakened. Same as well for folks who drink or otherwise vice themselves into altered states of consciousness to escape whatever they are escaping.

So, for *access* to move into this life, it has to likewise simultaneously (simultaneity being relative) expand invertedly equivalently, equi-distantly, because that is what NonLinearity IS!  If you aren't lost in conventional notions, there is nothing to inhibit your natural physics from *accessing* the physics involved.

Until convention rushes in with its rules and regulations inhibiting your ability to NonLinearly process, with its pink and its blue, its this and its that, its values and invalidations, your *access* remains intact, and your *within* experiences manifest in space *without,* allowing you to *see* those manifestations.

I often actually *see* in extraordinary detail what I am detecting congealing toward manifestation in the NonLinear physics, as if watching it all happening on a translucent giant screen, because vision doesn't just come from without to within, but also from within to without, so if I can already *see* what is congealing toward the evening/*even*-ing news with my superConsciousness, long before it manifests, as I often have, that would be the same thing as a toddler being able to *visually recognize* that equi-distant space "in a previous life." They would be seeing the *state of the art of the heart* of the physics within, manifesting naturally without.

The Tibetan Buddhist practice of accepting young children as novices into monk-hood has often been questioned by conventional minds as something that should wait until they are of age and can then choose for themselves, but by then their minds are soooo chaotically entangled into illusional/delusional perceptions of life and reality that it is very, very difficult, as it is with scientists just beginning to awaken themselves, to take back their inherent *access* to Universal Truth.

"Crisis of Emotion" - Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama emphasizes in his meeting with Israeli and USA students, as he consistently does in his Dialogues with global scientists (quantum physicists, neurobiologists, psychologists, etc.), that the world is going through a "crisis of emotion" right now, where (for one contributing factor) news agencies focus on reporting all the influential, emulated negativities but neglect/negate an equal balance of healthy, positive human interest stories, skewing global mindset toward robotic, emotionally detached intellectualizations and away from feelings, empathy and compassion. (Click the link above this paragraph to see how people, en masse, are being unconsciously influenced by larger goings-on around them.)

My Quantum Christ/Nag Hammadi Library blog article shows how people the world over are unconsciously, unwittingly "acting out" the Universal Polar Energies Exchange, with Patriarchical aggression shifting toward Matriarchical passivity, creating that evening/*even*-ing news, and that Dynamic Shift is emptying of churches and temples and other religious facilities, now pouring millions of folks out into the streets in massive demonstrations worldwide to overthrow governments and other perceived oppressions, and billions of people are unconsciously, unwittingly mere dominoes being knocked over by these Overall Energies, "acting them out" so dutifully.

Awareness arises within/comes from *balance,* and societies' leaders, authorities, scientists, etc., at the helm have an enormous responsibility to Awaken themselves enough to behave/present that *balance,* emulated by millions/billions of people. There is no excuse to be selfish with the whole world watching and trusting, copying and idolizing.

All the extraordinary researching of the Cosmos still all comes back to quality of life for planet Earth in the *Now.*

Dalai Lama's Physics Point
So, "basic human values"/compassion become a lot more (scientifically) powerful and important than many otherwise appreciate and respect. Global mindfulness is seriously distracted in its linearly "acting out" and needs to "turn around" to *reflect* and become Aware of itself.

(Writing, subject to editing, typo fixing asap...)

** The 2012 apocalypse scare phenomenon of so many people fearing "the end of the world" from their belief systems that never came was the result of folks' mistakenly anticipating the Ultimate End from their unconscious, incomplete notions/beliefs/religions that were unable to come full circle, meaning that what they thought was "the end" looked more like the refresh icon arrow on your computer that does not make a full circle. In physics reality, and everything has physics, theism included, anyone can take their personalized "vehicles" toward the Universal Core, but upon approaching it they are required to step out of their personalized "rides" and leave them behind (temporarily, because they can go back to them when they return) to align/resolve/dissolve themselves within the *One*-ness of it all. So all those "end of the world" concerns were not the end of their journey toward Higher Universal Truth.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Nuclear Relativity - Key to Decoding the Universe - XLIV

Quantum Everyday Reality: The *Two Truths* of Time and Space
Choosing Universal Truth Despite Forced Assumptions of the Collective Unconscious

(Why and How Global Society's Scientists and Social Authorities have an Inherent Responsibility to Awaken Themselves toward Selflessly Eliciting Conscious *Change*)

"Practical" Reality of Everyday Life
Like it or not, no matter/*no matter* what the Universal Truth, no matter how much we *realize* that True Universal Dynamic, the *state of the art of the heart* of global popular assumption rules the roost, dictating the atmosphere everyone must function within.

It is the overall mean statistical average of everyone's notions/beliefs that holds the appearance of reality that few feel much of any power to redirect, while the struggle of aggressive individuals and interest groups all over the world keeps global society in chaos, warring, violence, crime and tests of strength and power over the other.

While everyone has an inherent responsibility, therefore, to selflessly awaken to the real Universal Dynamic on behalf of all sentient beings whose quality of life depends on the quality of the atmosphere (social and otherwise) that they are forced to live in, muddle through, every day (work, school, tradition, culture, religion, etc), it isn't hard to fathom why it is so often said that Consciousness will "take several lifetimes" to master for most folks. Most people are no where near *going there.*

Obviously, it falls upon global leaders, quantum physicists and other scientists to awaken to, and take very seriously, their privilege in society as most trusted, most emulated and most leaned upon for guidance, security and everyday survival by millions, billions of folks, to *recognize* their inescapable, enormous responsibility to Awaken themselves to the REAL Universal Dynamic, and to present themselves in positions of *respect* with that *authority.*

The Quantum *Connection* 
Recent extensive Dialogues with HH the Dalai Lama by quantum physicists from Russia, Taiwan and Japan, and other scientists and academics, reveal a repetitious conundrum/stuckness in the state of the art of their Awakening: When does Classical Science end and Quantum Physics begin?

There is NO distinction between classical and quantum physics. Those are simply inadvertent revelations of where *higher Consciousness* is lacking in the hearts of the scientists themselves.

A comment, for instance, was that a human body ("grosser level") must be just fine with classical science applications, but when it comes to the tinier elementary particles it has no choice but to be quantum reliant ("quantum level").

Problem is...earthquakes, tsunamis and other massive geological events, the weather, human-initiated disasters, accidents, incidents and everything else on those enormous scales, all likewise are quantum in their dynamics.

Move any one, move every one! And that movement is as simultaneous as Einstein's "Spooky Action," but upon more superConscious direct experience, it is without the "spooky."

With *higher realization,* it is easily recognized and directly experienced that there is ONE Universal Dynamic flowing throughout all/Awe, not a "convenient" science for this and another "selective" science for that. The rules of Truth don't change. What changes is how much scientists are being confronted with their own ability to reason as they slowly become more highly evolved.

Quantum scientists need to learn how to recognize and measure Translucent *Structure* and Universal Empathy. (I am teaching you "how to" do precisely that, right here!***)

Quantum Language: The Next Step for Quantum Mechanics/Physicists

Let us play:
We'll come back to this later.

For *Now,* again I say...

Language is to Humans :: as :: Exhaust is to a Vehicle

Everything in Existence is *interacting* with/moved and motivated by the Universal Translucent Empathic *Energies* as they flow throughout all/Awe (NonLinearly, hence, simultaneously), each entity expressing them in their own way, relative to their timeXspace signature/address in the grand scheme of all things, and for humans an expression of those *energies* is...(our version of sentient) language, made up of all the many different sounds/expellations of those *energies,* that the human species has projected values onto, and shared meaningfulnesses, such that language of location and culture, from established habituations and traditions, has evolved into the native languages we recognize today as specific to those locations, cultures, etc.

But what we have unwittingly really done, when getting back to basics, is "decorate" those many sounds and utterances we make (NonLinearly, simultaneity being relative). In order to recognize what humans have done in inadvertently hiding/disguising their own truths/origins from themselves, we need to go back INSIDE the dynamic/process itself, and own our "decorations"/projections Consciously, which exposes the true, *higher* Universal Process, that Answers the quantum riddle/conundrum.

The whole entire Universe, microscope to Cosmos and everything in between, reveals itself to anyone who Consciously goes back inside the language and takes back the True Universal Core Dynamic! It's all *in there,* everything you could ever hope to know, but you have to have the courage and mindfulness to escape the artificial walls and boundaries of the collective unconscious convention and its powerful sanctions against you if you dare! It is so powerful that it has had science wrapped around its little finger for ages.

Everything is happening at the Universal Core *Energy* level, the Structural Translucence/Empathy!

The ONLY way you are going to recognize that is to *do the work* required by the Universe itself to Awaken/Enlighten yourself back to the Truth! (via Nuclear Relatives and Relationships)

So, we've decorated the Core Translucent Empathic (Throughout) *Energies* and it is about time we undecorate them to see them for what they really are!

*Now,* about that..."spaceship!"

Years ago, at just a glance of the famous 1970s SETI "Wow!" signal from outer space, 6equj5, I *recognized* its having lateral symmetry, aka a *code* hidden within it, along with a host of other Consciousness applications that were very telling, and so it seemed (however inadvertently and playfully) to beg the question of mere earthlings: "Just How Universally Conscious Are You Earthlings?"

When "decoded" using Consciousness dynamics, you'd be treated to a "spaceship"/flying saucer via alien artwork *winking* back at you, and/or it could also be a depiction of the Arecibo telescope. If ever there was a coincidence, this would be it.

Try it for yourself! It works a lot better using graph paper, as I did when I first played with/ "decoded" it.  Simply...

... write out the "Wow!" signal (or "code")

... 6equj5

... convert the alphabet to math (quantum language-to-*energies* *hint*)...relative to their placement in the alphabet (such that e, the fifth letter, would become 5, and so on...). Quantum language *energies* would be far more complex, frequencyXintensity wise.

... with lateral symmetry in mind, <<--0-->> , find the center (*middle way*/Madhyamika/Core) of your graph paper and plot your mathematics NonLinearly. In other words, find the *balance* in each number and plot them as (6 being your first number)...   -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 (Meaning half of each number is before the line, the other half after the line).

... With all your *decoded* numbers plotted, simply *connect the dots!*

.... And there's your *winking* "spaceship!"


6equj5 SETI "Wow!" Signal of the 1970s, "Decoded"

NonLinearity, Lateral Symmetry, Balance, YinXYang, Polar Energy Exchange, Within X Without, Translucence, Empathy, Mathematics, Quantum Mechanics Language Conversion to Math... It's all "in there!"

Coincidence? Synchronicity.**  But it makes my point that there is soooo much more hidden inside language and math that the collective unconscious convention is seriously unaware of, and when you *do the work* of your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships, you not only Awaken yourself to your own inherent physics dynamics, but to the entire Quantum Entanglement/Overall Universal Physics Dynamics/Translucent Structure/Empathy Throughout as well!

"Buried within the message itself is the key to decoding it!" - Contact

More to come...

( be continued. Subject to editing.)

** I've tested lots of other "codes" and applied the same plotting out of curiosity, and they just do not illustrate a flying saucer or space telescope as does the "Wow!" code 6equj5. Fun to play with, but no where near the depths and heights of profoundly serious Universal Physics/Quantum Entanglement revealed in Nuclear Relatives and Relationships *work!*


*** YOU have to *do (your own) work,* of your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships, which can be very extensive, taking years, decades, if you want to realize the true Universal Physics Dynamics going on, in action, in the *Now,* in any and every *Now,* for yourself. I cannot TELL you, or GIVE you, your own direct experience!  You have to EARN it for yourself!

The Universe itself made that rule, not me. It forces you to confront your own truths to *realize* what it is really all about. That is a truly fascinating Dynamic, isn't it?! It is as though the Universe itself has established that only those who have proved themselves *worthy* enough to handle the truth/Truth will *access* it. It is a profoundly humbling experience. The Universe has a Consciousness, which becomes undeniable the more Awakened/Enlightened you become. Is it any wonder so many give it a Name?!

YOU have to actually *do the work* yourself to far more highly evolve, because as you do all that work, you cannot help but become aware of/recognize/realize, via just how truthful you are being with yourself, precisely what exactly is happening. I can only "play tour guide." It's like the expression, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!" The Universal Dynamics reveal themselves to you while you are working on your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships. Here is a fairly easy example: Suppose you wrote:

"My mother lives near a police station."

Your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships *work* would teach you to simultaneously hear that your ultimate innermost self stays close to rules and regulations. In just that, your own truthfulness with yourself within would help you awaken to how language is multidimensionally layered truth, physics, *elementary energies,* how language (when you do enough of these...hundreds, thousands, consistently) is put together, how the Universal Dynamic works relative to not only that but to all else, how your own inherent physics you were born with works inside of you, how projectionXreflection and withinXwithout work, and on and on and on...

When you extensively work on your own relatives you learn to recognize Einstein's (and everything's) relativity, including that of time and space (revealing what they really are), and when you work on your relationships you learn how everything, everywhere in the Universe, is related to everything else, including events, happenings, your "even-"ing news, and how all that is within yourself and without yourself simultaneously. NonLinearly!  See "Einstein's Quantum Riddle" in all that?  People are always waiting for me to simply TELL them the Answers, and get very angry when I don't, but I can't, if you truly want superConsciousness and to be far more highly evolved, Awakened, for yourself!  

You have to actually earn it, not have it handed to you.

It doesn't work like that! It's not Consciousness unless YOU are the one telling yourself, as it all arises (via balance) *within yourself.* Everything else is conventional rote repetition, aka...unconsciousness.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLIII

If Only an Earthquake, Tsunami, Catastrophic Event or Atom Could Talk!

They can! And they do! 

With NonLinear superConsciousness, you would *remember* how to *listen.*

The missing "element" that modern science and quantum physicists have yet to evolve enough to discover or *recognize* is...the human element.

Aka... Collective unconscious conventional... *interference.*

What humans do with the Universal Dynamic is nothing short of self-defeating, en masse.

...  invented a one-way (cerebral neglect) linear clock, destroying billions of minds' ability to reflect/*reflect, making *realization* of what time and space really are next to impossible.

... projected themselves into oblivion (collective unconscious convention), and trapped themselves into all that chaos via relative defense mechanisms, comfort zones, safe places they won't relinquish.

... established rules, regulations, expectations and artificial boundaries, closely guarded by harsh sanctions, dare anyone attempt to escape (toward balance).

... hidden the real Universal Truth/Dynamic under layers upon layers of object-ified language distractions /misperceptions.

... established elitist sciences to invalidate and discard surfacing realities/truths/balances/hints/haunts/taunts by the true *higher physics.*

... positioned pop cultural fads and fashions to conveniently dismiss activities capable of redirecting them (meditation, yoga, spiritual retreats, etc.)

... rigidly adhered to "modern scientific method" when all signs lead to a need for serious reconsideration

But there is hope yet for global unconsciousness to be redirected, as increasingly evolving scientists are humbling themselves enough to meet in dialogue with HH Dalai Lama, to share insights and learn from one another.

Why the Dalai Lama?

Because Buddhism is founded upon Universal Physics whose *realizations* (not projections) go back thousands upon thousands of years. The Dalai Lama and other high level Tibetan Buddhist monks are brilliant people holding Geshe degrees, PhD equivalent, in serious *higher physics* Awakenings that *arise* from *within* themselves with increasing Balance, to reflectively reveal all that is *without* themselves. ("Buddha" is simply a Sanskrit word for *realizer* bestowed upon a regular everyday man like any other who happened upon his own Awakening/Enlightenment of Universal Physics Reality.)

What is missing is a *much closer look* at the dynamic of ...dialogue... itself!

The Universal Answer is, and has always been, right there, *present* in the everyday language we speak, no matter the native language or culture.

Language is the expression of the *energies* that flow throughout everything in Existence, whether sentient (experiencing) beings, inanimate objects, things deemed "physical"/"material," Nature's trees, plants, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, rocks, soil, the weather, the Cosmos, biological/microscopic organisms, events/happenings, whatever.  If it *exists* in any manner, it inescapably is being moved and motivated by/within the Universal Translucent Empathic NonLinear *Energies Exchange.*

Imagine, if you will, that the whole entire Universe and all within it resided within "the black hole" - *Empty* Core - such that everything in itself, everybody, every event, was all Translucent, Empathic *Energy* "in place" in spaceless, timeless Nothing.  In other words, in NonLinear stillness/*still*-ness.

*Now* expand that vision out into the entire Overall NonLinear Process.

We, it, all...are that Translucence, as everything is already all said and done in a NonLinear Universe.

Each layer/harmonic/pulsation away from the Core and back again (*Energy Exchange*) is *interconnected* (like the edges of a tissue paper pumpkin or bell, like XXXXXXXXX), because, for instance, relative to yourself, you may be more evolved or aware in certain areas and not in others, making those layers/dimensions highly *interactive* with each other *frequencyXintensity relative,* and not separated, disjointed, isolated from each other.

*Now*...about those Talking Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Catastrophic Events and Atoms...

Everything that is happening, in every *Now,* is *Energy Exchange,* and we, as fully integrated entities within that energy exchange, have the ability, if Conscious enough, to *recognize* how those exchanges/*energies* present themselves in and around us, such that *energies* building toward an imminent earthquake, for instance, can be *realized* for exactly what they are! If one is superConscious enough of the dynamics going on around them, they can recognize changes, differences, increases congealing toward surface manifestation.

If you have fluently and thoroughly *done the work* with your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships, you realize and respect that there are layers upon layers of reality surfacing in between all those sentences and superimpositions, and that all language, all words are multidimensional *energies.* You also recognize the mathematics and patterning not-so-hidden inside all those multidimensional layers, and how all those super(im)positions, multidimensionalities, mathematics and patterning, etc., are fully present in everybody, everything, every event, every whatever.  When you are fluent enough, it all becomes so easily *realized* as interconnected and Translucent, Ultimately...Empathy at the Universal Core level Throughout (quantum entanglement), and you directly and *knowingly* experience your own Translucence and quantum entanglement "in a blip second." When you are Awakened and comfortable with the real Reality, you are not intimidated by the Universal Dynamic, but rather highly respectful of it, aligned with the dynamics going on, and to *recognize* congealing events surfacing toward manifestation, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and other horrific events, etc...

In other words, whatever is going on with them, moment by moment, is simply *energy,* or *language* (as is your own), and if you are Awake enough that language (of earthquakes, tsunamis, whatever is congealing toward your evening/*even*-ing news) is not a foreign language to you! It is just recognizable *energy!*

If you are reading this without having *done the work,* you are hearing it as nothing more than gobbleygook from your place of conventional "logic." Trust is a huge issue to master in becoming Awakened/Enlightened.  As with the earlier macrame strings example, simply learn to "set it aside" while you do your work on your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships, and little by little your onslaught of *aha!s* will become your supporting evidence you feel you need for now.

More to come...

(Writing, subject to editing. I write most of these in handwriting, and when I get them onto here I am surrounded by a lot of animals all vying for my attention...and I prioritize giving it to them. So please pardon any typos, as I tend to correct those in the middle of the night when my many fur family friends are sleeping.)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Quantum Physics > *One* < HH Dalai Lama/Buddhism/Taoism/NonLinear superConsciousness

The *State of the Art of the Heart*...of Humans *Realizing* Universal Truth/Dynamic

A brief note on just what exactly is being taught here, and its significance/importance to the world in protecting, enhancing, empowering billions of people's lives.

Visualize, if you will, a cartoon image of modern scientists/quantum physicists tip-toeing, backing into a room, in the dark, in their minds escaping disdained-for-centuries any and all connections with their perceived *soft sciences* of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, religion, spirituality, etc., and as they not-so-quietly sneak away, backing into the dark, suddenly they feel they've run into something.

"What on earth could that be?," they wonder, and as they slowly turn around to brave the phenomenon..."Whoa! What?!?!"

And there stands the Dalai Lama, smiling his compassionate smile.

"We've been waiting for you! For thousands of years!" HH Dalai Lama replies.

"Aw, come on! We've been distancing ourselves from you for probably as long!" say the scientists.

"And we've been darned sure to keep our distance for a hundred years now!" the quantum physicists assert. "That's why we were backing in here! We're determined to be the first to *know*!"

The Dalai Lama folds his hands and empathically confirms "You're the last to *know*!"

"But how could that be? We've isolated ourselves and our work for so long!," they query.

"*The Answer* has been in your mirrors all along! It's in all our mirrors! You've just needed to *turn around,* and apparently now you have! You have the means. We have the Way! But before you prioritize making a name for yourself, the most important application has got to be Awakening the world toward compassion and empathy! The world is going through a crisis of emotion right now, and we have a shared responsibility to help them! Let's work together!" HH Dalai Lama offers a traditional kata, or scarf.

The modern scientists and quantum physicists quietly and humbly take their seats.

HH the Dalai Lama and his beloved ex-monk scholar sidekick, Dr. Thupten Jinpa, settle into theirs.

When you go too far to the East, you wind up in the West.
When you go too far to the West, you wind up in the East.

When you meet *in the middle,* or Madhyamika, you *realize* the Universal Truth, and that each has what the other needs: Meaningful application!

The state of the art of the heart of modern science and quantum physics is that, having long ago run into a wall of philosophy they cannot find their way around, they have had no choice but to explore Einstein's "Spooky Action of Quantum Mechanics" further, because Einstein just could not accept that there are no "common sense" answers for how two objects (atoms, quasars in our recent examples here) could possibly simultaneously communicate/interact, with no time and no space in which to *interact.* An atom on earth can simultaneously influence an atom in outer space. Quantum physicists are distressed because without time or space they "have nothing to measure."

Precisely my point/*point!* They need to learn how to measure *The Nothing*/Nonlinear *Now!*

Aka... The Universal Truth. That requires modern science to Awaken to their ages old mistaken linear projections.

The state of the art of Buddhism, Taoism and superConsciousness is that everything is *One,* NonLinearly already resolved/dissolved into the beginningless and endless *Now.*

Scientists' having to accept that Einstein was right, and correct, too/two, *The Two Truths,* when they get there, will signify their having crossed the threshold into Nonlinear *Realization.* Their current status is that they are clinging onto their collective unconscious conventional linear approach, but that they are at least humbling themselves enough to meet with HH Dalai Lama to try to learn from him, and he from them.

If you *do the work* of your Nuclear relatives and relationships here, you will learn how to process relative simultaneity, NonLinearity vs linearity, time and space for what and where they truly are, multidimensionality, parallel worlds, and become fluent in processing the Core Structure in Translucence/Empathy.

So, the two sides have run into each other, East and West, but at least the Dalai Lama was Consciously facing his opponents and was ready to help. Modern science and quantum physics have been lost in collective unconscious conventional notions for so long in their mistaken linear approach to Universal Answers, inadvertently repelling them away from themselves as they go along.

The Dalai Lama is compassionately meeting with scientists all over the world, recently from Russia, Japan and Taiwan, among others, all reviewed here, to help them over their linear philosophical hurdle/threshold.

This site is dedicated to helping the two sides unite into *One.*

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLII

*Doing the Work*...continued.**

Extended Relatives/*Relatives* and Relationships/*Relationships
Learning to Process Language, TimeXSpace and the Universe Multidimensionally/NonLinearly

We are fully integrated entities within the entire Universal System/Dynamic, NOT as mere passive observers, guessing our way along, but as *directly experiencing* entities in its/OUR Translucent, Empathic, Synergistic Structure throughout.

Learn here *how to* actually go INSIDE the entire process to inescapably *recognize* and respect it for yourself.

In addition to your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships *work* exposing the Truth of yourself, to yourself, all language, math and physics dynamics around your painful-to-confront pronouns are likewise multidimensional, Translucent, Synergistic and NonLinear. Look closely enough and the next horrific events on the evening/*even*-ing news are being revealed in your grocery list, your laundry receipts, your new mop instructions, your commercials on TV. Turn off the TV and turn on the radio, and there they are again. Turn off your radio and pick up an old book, open to any page, and there they are again.

NonLinearity really does mean NonLinear!

Your Universal Answers you seek are right there in your very own mirror. *Do the work* to transcend conventionally mistaken notions of time and space, of "past" and "future," of language and concepts lost to collective unconscious convention's artificial boundaries and oppressions, and discover whatever your heart is searching for, when you allow yourself the courage to be real with yourself. The Universe forces you to confront your own ultimate innermost truths to position yourself to reflectively *realize/recognize* and inescapably appreciate and respect its overall Process.

Discover your current *timeXspace* signature and how that relates to quantum entanglement.

There is no better way than your Nuclear Relatives/relatives and Relationships/relationships *work* to learn what the Universe is actually doing, because AS you are working on your relatives and relationships, you cannot help but see that true Universal Dynamic IN ACTION for yourself, from the INSIDE. The more *work* you do, the more you see and recognize, inescapably. The more devoted you become to the process of going INSIDE the Universal Dynamic, the more "conviction" (Dalai Lama's word) you will have, because its consistency is incredible and absolutely fascinating. You cannot escape *recognizing* that the Universe is a living, breathing, pulsating *Entity* in its own right, NOT necessarily anthropomorphic, but Translucent Energy *knowing* exactly what to do, when and how to do it, where and why...

You cannot safely sit outside the Universal Dynamic making assumptions and hoping to remain "in control" and self-determined. You have never been "in control" and "self-determined." That is all an illusion.

Imagine yourself standing in a very crowded room with many others, determined to stay in place and not be affected at all when everyone else keeps moving around, pushing and shoving, bumping into you constantly, but there you are, assuming yourself totally unaffected. That would be an illusion because with every move you make, your physics have been *changed,* like it or not. Measure the physics in a tank of water, then swoosh your hand through the water, then measure it again, and the physics have *changed,* redefining, repositioning, relative to everything else.

There is no power in clinging to a conventional illusion of control. Convention is made up of billions of people genuinely sleepwalking their way through their entire lives, their very foundation a house of cards, their mistaken notions of time and space, past and future, all human-invented, their rules and regulations and expectations of each other (and everything else) their walls and boundaries, and heavy sanctions, dare anyone try to escape.

The only thing that wakes up unconscious convention, however temporarily, is when horrific events happen, like 9/11/01 and natural devastations, to powerfully JOLT them out of their sleepwalking, but so quickly they rush back to their slumber, their complacency, their delusions/illusions-relative comfort zones, blaming their deities and each other for the calamities. ("That town is so evil that God made them learn their lesson!")

How Mind Processes Universal Synergism, Translucence, Empathic *Energy*
You've explored the patriarchical *without* and matriarchical *within* energies of yourself and hopefully also read the Cosmic Christ connection (Nag Hammadi), and the God Particle and Goddess Particle articles here, and are now at least exposed to the baseline reality that the Universe is a system of polar opposite *energies* exchanging places throughout, affecting everybody, everything, everywhere. The more unconscious you are, the more you are like a domino getting knocked over by them when those *energies* flow your way. As in the benevolent martial art, Aikido, the more Conscious you are of them, the more you can simply...step out of the way...when they come your way.

*Remembering* that you are mapping BOTH what the Universe is doing, and what MIND is doing, simultaneously (*quantum hint*) with those energies, and closely watching the Universal Dynamic revealing itself to you (with so much more to come), let's move on to left brain, right brain, yang and yin, aggression vs passivity.

Write several pages about your brother(s), each separately. As with father/Father and mother/Mother *work* previously done here, when you feel you have written sufficiently enough for now, with the rest of your life destined to continue to awaken you further, this time read everything you've written back to yourself, replacing all references to brother/he/name as...your very own left brain, thinking, thoughts, cognition, intelligence, intellectualizing, aggression, yang. Older brothers expose/superimpose intensity of conviction, while younger brothers reveal more recent, less rigidly adhered to conviction, relative to their age.

Next, invertedly write several pages about your sister(s), again each individually, and then read your writings back to yourself as your very own right brain, feelings, emotions, intuitions, passivities, yin. Older sisters expose more deeply established conviction in your feelings and emotions, while younger sisters reveal less commitment, lighter feelings and emotions, more recently experienced.

*Now* with your basic Nuclear relatives and relationships evolving your consciousness toward the true Universal Dynamic throughout, you at least so far are positioning yourself to evolve *even* further toward being able to *recognize* and *realize* the pushes and pulls of relativity (how everything is relative to everything else that's also happening), and how everybody and everything is synergistically related to everybody and everything else. With enough advancement as you progress (over weeks, months, years, decades, lifetimes), you will be hearing your mother/father/sister/brother super(im)positions/energies relentlessly from now on, constantly experiencing "aha!"s forever now, constantly confronting you, waking you up when you are least expecting it.

Your Nuclear father, mother, brother, sister *work* can keep you *working* "forever," because with every next new thing they say or do, your physics are simultaneously (as in quantum's spooky action made simple) affected as well.

You now have your very basic template of *within*X*without* MIND X Universal Dynamics, microscopes to Cosmos, left and right.  If you think this is all a bunch of malarkey, be true to yourself and watch the process unfold, and as you go along it all begins multiplying exponentially, so you need to get your act together fast, because your illusions multiply you into chaos if you aren't paying enough attention, and that's a lot to get yourself back out of. Best to be real and honest with yourself from the start.

Extended Relatives and Relationships Refine and Define, and Reveal
While your older and younger siblings refine your template to help you hone in to Higher Reality, your extended relatives and relationships carry you even more deeply into multiple dimensions and parallel worlds, within and without, introducing you to the world of Universal Dynamics within yourself that you likely never before *realized* have resided in you all along. Actual multiple dimensions and parallel worlds await that you get to experience directly!

Write about and *hear* the following as your multidimensional:

Grandfather > maternal x paternal (mother's father, father's father)
Grandmother> maternal x paternal (mother's mother, father's mother)
Aunts > maternal x paternal (mother's sisters, father's sisters (age intensities apply) )
Uncles > maternal x paternal (mother's brothers, father's brothers (age intensities apply) )

We are imprinted (entangled) upon each other at a much higher physics level than folks *realize.*

Aunts' and uncles' children (your cousins) reveal *even more* clearly defined, honed into aspects/truths of you *within* yourself that super(im)pose everybody, every event, every everything *without* yourself.

Do not skip *doing this work* as they take you into profoundly intense levels of feelings and intelligence, into multidimensional layers of yourself that you need if you are going to process the Universal Physics from a much *higher* place of NonLinear *Access.*

All the while you are *doing the work* the Universal Dynamic is revealing itself to you!

And of course you are no where near done with your relatives and relationships *at home* because you also have your great (and great-great...) grandparents and great aunts and uncles to contend with!  But the physics revealed to you in doing these is extraordinary, because you get to directly experience the mathematics involved, and all sorts of other applications, as well.

If you are seeing all this as inconsequential psychobabble with zero proof, relegating them to "soft science" psychology (which even itself is not at all!), you are very naive and trapping your own self out of *higher Consciousness*/Awakening/Enlightenment, quickly forgetting/losing sight of the True Overall Universal Dynamic you are supposed to be watching for "between the lines."

Humans have essentially hidden, buried, inadvertently, unwittingly disguised the Universal *Energies* flowing (NonLinearly) throughout themselves (and all else) into sounds that come out of them as expressions of those *energies,* into language that has distracted them from the *higher truths*/origins they are really *interacting* with. *Doing the work* reverses the damage done to *higher Consciousness* of the true Universal Process by re-exposing you to the real information they carry, teaching you "how to" once again *experience*/*recognize*/directly *realize* inescapably that everything is happening at the *Energy*/NonLinear Empathy-Translucence level. Conventional minds (about 99% of the planet's population, according to a major university's dept. head) have totally lost and habituated themselves in their unconscious interpretations of those *energies* flowing through them, flowing throughout all/Awe, that they've rendered themselves dominoes being knocked over /////////... when those *energies* come their way.

This is the level of *interaction* that quantum physicists are currently baffled by, unable to figure out Einstein's Spooky Action (at a Distance) of Quantum Mechanics (atoms/quasars...everything, actually, when they Awaken themselves to become superConscious of it, *interacting* simultaneously).


**  A Place to Begin: HERE!

Quasars'/Atoms' Simultaneity "Contradictory to Common Sense" - What Quantum Physicists are Seriously Missing

After the recent PBS NOVA documentary "Einstein's Quantum Riddle"** struggled with this same problem using quasars, and Japanese quantum physicists in "Dialogue between Modern Science and Buddhist Science" with Dalai Lama in Japan likewise couldn't figure out how atoms in a lab vs in outer space simultaneously communicate/*interact,* I feel such a need to once again address this "contradictory to common sense" issue modern quantum physicists are having.

Again, Einstein was right, and correct, too/two! 

Modern scientists are approaching their work from a place of unconsciousness, mistakenly adhering to the rules and regulations, and expectations, of the collective unconscious convention. Those rules, regulations and expectations are only in place to protect...convention.

What is not "common sense" is linearity!  It is nothing short of *cerebral neglect,* projection out of control, never turning back around to *reflect* upon itself!

When you approach your work linearly, you are inadvertently ...repelling... the Universal Answers away from yourself! (Any wonder "the universe is expanding" ?) You need to far more highly evolve.

The Universe is NonLinear! Simultaneity makes perfect "common sense" in NonLinear Truth!

And the "big bang" is NOT "out there" hidden in the Cosmos!

The NonLinear *Now* IS the beginningless, endless "big bang!"

*Do the work* (taught to you here for years) to directly experience these Universal Dynamics/Truths for yourself!

So much more to come on this.


** Please also see (here):
Einstein's Quantum Riddle: How Scientists are Mistakenly Leaving Themselves "Out of the Equation."

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tibet House Benefit Concert - Carnegie Hall

Philip Glass, 32nd Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert - Carnegie Hall

New York City                     
February 7, 2019.

Produced by Philip Glass. Classical music. Buddhism.

Many artists to attend.

Check out for more artists line-up.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Global Warming

(Continued from earlier post)...

Wonderful presentations with HH Dalai Lama in India by Chinese (Taiwan) scientists, and this dialogue day #3 is incredibly interesting, comprehensive and consciousness-raising, and folks around the world need to selflessly watch this, and *listen* to what Dr. Lee is saying here, about:

Global Warming...Warning
"What's the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we're willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?" - Frank Sherwood Rowland

(Tell me about it!)

Dalai Lama: "Everything is interconnected."


(These notes were taken while watching the dialogue/video, capturing the thoughts of HHDL and Dr. Lee. Wonderful diagrams and easy to understand presentation that helps regular folks *grasp* what is happening that is causing global warming. We are heating up our own planet to the point that it is becoming dangerous with worsening typhoons, fires, and other harsh consequences.)

Dalai Lama says right next to Delhi airport is a solar energy field, and they are considering banning privately owned vehicles because there is too much pollution. Education toward global mindfulness and away from self-centered attitude is needed.

Scientist asked Dalai Lama about "empty space" and this is where I have repeatedly said that the Universe is Translucent. Stillness/*stillness* (still, but still there, at the Core). Dalai Lama mentions subatomic particles being there, and also that scientists need to learn to appreciate the contribution of MIND.

Past Life Memory
Dalai Lama initiates this discussion relative to Core Emptiness, etc.., and says he, himself, had some past life memory as a small child. He mentions studies that show that children often do have past life memories but lose them as their brains develop more in this life.

But there is something different/more than that going on, and I will be addressing this here soon. (I have important notes to include here about the actual physics involved in children *remembering* past life, as I am one of them and I clearly see the physics involved. Scientist says findings in science always need to be able to be repeated by other scientists, other countries, and he doesn't see how past life experiences could be repeated to be confirmed in reality. I can provide that information when I address this situation here. Coming asap...)

Dalai Lama's response to that concern: All universal systems are connected, so there is that way for others to realize the truth of past life memory. Cumulative approach, as proof or evidence. In Buddhist cosmology, the physical elements of the person can be traced back to their origins, but there is no beginning. In other words, what the Dalai Lama is saying here is that there is a subtle level ("space particles") carrying information that can be realized as continuing. Humans' recognition of these space particles would cause the language and experiences on the surface of continuity of those space particles. A matter of critical reflection and thinking. Asian tradition fully utilizes intelligence.

(Paraphrasing Dalai Lama)

I will explain all this that the Dalai Lama is trying to say through his interpreter when I write more on this later, asap.

Funny Dalai Lama... The global warming scientist presenting said that it has been predicted that humans have about 80 years left if they keep going the way they are going, and Dalai Lama just said that by then he hopes he will be on another planet helping folks there, so it won't affect him by then. Hilarious man!

In summation (of this dialogue day 3 with Chinese scientists), HH Dalai Lama, answering the scientists' summation questions, is saying quantum physics would best be used to realize higher Conscious Awareness/Awakening.

Emphasis is on each individual doing their own work (journey of one toward Awareness of Universal Truth) and not blindly accepting what the Buddha taught, which is also what the Buddha always said was so important. Question "single-pointed faith," primarily a western situation, "not much concern with consequences." ("God will take care of it.")

Ending Chinese scientist statement: His mind has been opened quite a bit in his meeting with the Dalai Lama.  Quantum physics investigation keeps getting smaller and smaller as they go along in their exploration. Classical physics is okay to describe grosser nature. Human body is bigger, classical, but every molecule is smaller, so quantum mechanics is needed. As "absent minded professors" (he and the other scientists there), they still need help in understanding. He is essentially showing his need for this site, which would answer the questions he has. (Professor Lee, I am coming for you! ;) ) Recently, artificial intelligence could not distinguish between 2 twins, but mother of the twins easily could, so science still has a lot more to learn about human ability.

TimeXSpace concept of Buddhist Science...Professor Lee said this time they learned a lot from the Dalai Lama and this 3 day dialogue.

Dalai Lama final summation: Hopefully their meeting to have dialogue will continue and that these 3 days of dialogue with Chinese scientists from Taiwan are only just the beginning. Hopefully eventually also professors/scientists from mainland China. Must exploit knowledge about mind, about emotion, mentioned in Buddhist tradition, really worthwhile, and that Buddhist monks in monasteries that do not study ancient realization must study and not just present themselves as Buddhist monks.  Says present Taiwanese Chinese scientists are representing one billion others, and all present as well.

World is passing through some kind of crisis of emotion that will not go away by prayer, but by training our minds, as academic subject. - Dalai Lama (says this a lot in many dialogues with scientists from around the world).

Taiwanese scientists welcome HH Dalai Lama in Taiwan in return.

(Writing...Took these notes while watching this video. Subject to editing.)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nuclear Relativity: Key to Decoding the Universe - XLI

Einstein's "Spooky Action" at a Distance 
Quasars, Quantum Entanglement and Simultaneity
How...Modern Scientists are Mistakenly Leaving Themselves
 "Out of the Equation"

Einstein was right, and correct, too/two! "Spooky Action" actually has a common sense Universal, perfectly understandable Answer, but the only way modern scientists are going to recognize it is to directly experience that Universal Answer for themselves. The bigger problem, therefore, is in getting modern scientists/quantum physicists to evolve themselves out of the collective unconscious convention enough to *realize* how profoundly important this is, for themselves, their work, for millions of people's lives, because there is an enormous RESPONSIBILITY that scientists have that they are not *realizing* or taking seriously!

However "spooky" it may appear (to the unconscious), there is an explainable *connection* happening. You just have to be superConscious enough to recognize it, something modern science has not been *ready* for. But that *connection* is there. (And taught here!)

Scientists need to leave their egos at the door, humble themselves to the *higher Universal Process,* and respectfully *do the work* required by Universal Reality itself to Awaken to the Real Truth!

*Doing the work* takes you INSIDE the actual physics/math of you! You are a fully integrated entity within the Universal Dynamic, and there is no interacting with any of it without your physics being an influence on what you are observing, and its physics invertedly influencing you. The more Conscious, aka *Balanced* you are *within* yourself, the more aligned you are with *Balance* *without* yourself, out there, able to see deeper and deeper into the Truths/Universal Dynamics happening in Ultimate Reality.

"Atoms fuzzy and undefined/electrons not physically real until observed/probabilities..." (NOVA)?

The Universal Core is Translucent. Ultimately, Empathy.

It is not at all true that there is "nothing" there, as unconscious convention defines "nothing."

Conventionally conceived "physicality/materialism" is as translucent as feelings and spirituality are "physical/material!"

You can only recognize and directly experience and respect this 
Ultimate Universal Truth/Dynamic
 if you *do the work* 
of your 
Nuclear Relatives and Relationships.

The Universe is NON-Linear, yet collective unconscious conventionally-minded scientists, putting all their faith in mistaken linear projection, persist in searching outside themselves for their answers, then wonder why things just aren't adhering to "common sense."  This is so important to repeat:

The Universe is NonLinear!

Cause and effect would only naturally be simultaneous in a NonLinear Universe (simultaneity being relative). A signal traveling faster than the speed of light is certainly possible because in a NonLinear Universe... 

Darkness travels faster than light! 

Why? Because is already there!

There is no "unified theory" without YOU in it! If you want to talk about "spooky action," how about the spooky reality that scientists all over the world are completely unaware of themselves, of their own inherent physics and *timeXspace signature* in the Universe, and how that relates to quantum entanglement. They seriously are unaware of how the mind doing all their expensive and timely research actually works!

This information has been available for thousands of years, but somewhere along the way "modern" science has DEvolved, become unconscious, and that truth is costing countless people their lives! Why? Because everything in the Universe, whether sentient (experiencing) beings, the weather, geological processes (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc), horrific natural or human-initiated events on the evening/*even*-ing news, or what have you, all 100% SHARE the exact same physics, at a much higher level than modern science is currently able to *recognize,* and scientists have a much higher responsibility than themselves and their explorations to Awaken themselves to the REAL TRUTH of...Quantum Entanglement!

Modern scientists are naively, unconsciously perceiving themselves as somehow magically plopped down into the Universe completely detached, disjointed, independently segregated from all else, in a world of their own, with a mind that is solely their own, somehow floating around, totally unrelated to anything and everything going on "out there!" What kind of "scientific method" or "unified theory" is that?

Watching the latest NOVA documentary on "Einstein's Quantum Riddle," it is somewhat entertaining, but tremendously frustrating, observing scientists unconsciously going to the extent they have to avoid (essentially) the reality of...*reflection,* aka avoiding confronting their own mirrors. They are searching clear out into the cosmos, to quasars, looking for proof of quantum entanglement, when the Answer is right there in their very own mirrors!

Profoundly important for modern scientists/quantum physicists to *recognize* and respect is that the drawings they are making, from Stephen Hawking's books to the NOVA documentary on quasars and quantum entanglement, I drew ages ago right out of my own superConscious *realizations,* totally for free, no need for "centuries" to wait for Answers. You are, unconsciously, actually drawing the workings of MIND!  For REAL! Your drawings, for instance, on the "Einstein's Quantum Riddle" documentary, from Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies, I have drawn many, many times for many years, and repeatedly described for scientists and others right here, simply from superConsciousness, so just imagine what all you could *realize* if you simply bothered to *do the work* of your own superConsciousness of Nuclear Relatives and Relationships! Everything really does all super(im)pose!

See the power of *doing the work* (taught here) of your Nuclear Relatives/Relationships? Of Tao 47! If you are unconsciously, blindly, linearly searching the cosmos for Answers you wouldn't *even* (hear that? As in, balance?!) know how to process if you found them, that would be "an awful waste of space!" And time.

Do you actually *realize* what Time and Space REALLY are? Your superConsciousness would take you INSIDE them to directly experience that Universal Answer for yourself!

Modern scientists are still searching linearly for Answers that are actually NONLinear in nature/Nature. They are totally leaving themselves "out of the equation" (literally).

What scientists are missing as they sit at their desks staring at giant telescopes' computers is that, as fully integrated entities in our Synergistic, NonLinear, Reflective Universe, they themselves are the missing element/Answer they are trying to find "out there." It is incredibly important for scientists to "do the work" of their Nuclear Relatives and Relationships here, so they can learn, inescapably, why and how they have to include themselves in their research/findings. Your Nuclear Relatives and Relationships *work* helps you recognize/become Conscious of your own *interactive* physics, *within*X*without,* how to directly experience and process NonLinearity, multidimensionality, realize what and where time and space really are, recognize imbalances vs Balance, and the importance of those Balances and their very simple math involved.

Quasars, black holes, wormholes...extreme points of *Balance* in the NonLinear Universe, as it tries to both collapse back in on itself (the Nothing) while simultaneously trying to expand to protect itself (the Something), dark energy, dark matter, expanding universe...all have Answers in superConsciousness!

It is not true that there is (conventionally conceived notions of) "nothing" there, at the Core. The Universe is Translucent, Ultimately *Empathy* (at a much *higher* definition than unconscious convention can recognize). The Nothing simply means there is still-ness/*still*-ness ...(still there/but still), empty of projection/distraction.

There is ...*Structure*... in that Translucence, in the NonLinear Universal Core, containing the *code* for all/Awe that exists in the whole entire Universe.

So important to repeat this:

There is ...*Structure*... in Translucence, in the NonLinear Universal Core!

 Your elusive "big bang" is NOT hidden somewhere "out there" in the cosmos! 
The Nonlinear *Now* IS the _Nonlinear_"Big Bang!" 

This site teaches you that (shared by all, throughout) Ultimate NonLinear Translucent, Empathic Structure.

If you are unconsciously perceiving yourself as somehow magically plopped down into the world completely detached, disjointed from all else, with a private mind all your own, adhering to the mistaken logic, rules, regulations and expectations of collective unconscious convention, you are just not going to be in a position to see or respect *higher* Universal Truth/Dynamics.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM modern science is facing right now is...their collective unconsciousness, and humbling themselves enough to Awaken to the Truth!

My "umpf!" and probably a little anger recognizable in my writing here is coming from the profound frustration I feel when I detect horrific events congealing toward manifestation** in the NonLinear physics (the "future" is neither what nor where most people assume it is, in a NonLinear Universe!) and yet feel totally helpless to protect people because collective unconscious convention's scientists and authorities supposedly in place to protect entire cities full of people are SO unconscious that I am totally dismissed. Even the Dalai Lama is trying to Awaken scientists all around the world, but I was born with the profound gift of Awakening, and I am so hoping that science doesn't irresponsibly sleep away "centuries" waiting for Universal Answers that are genuinely available to them...*Now!*


** In a NonLinear Universe, where "future" is neither what nor where convention mistakenly assumes, the more Conscious one is, the more *access* one has to the "ongoing" physics dynamics in the NonLinear Now. I have been repeatedly documented, recorded, even dissected reporting the most horrific events the world would see on their evening-*even*-ing news (hear that?...Balance!) months, years before they reached manifestation. Example: 2004 Indonesian tsunami that killed nearly a quarter million people revealed that death toll and location over a year before it happened. An earthquake, likewise part of the Universal Synergy, is never just an earthquake. Everything is *interacting* with everything else, *accessible* with NonLinear superConsciousness.

More to come.
(Writing...subject to editing.)